Nominations are open to all the UK travel and hospitality industry.

Submissions can be either self nominated (where entrant and nominator are the same) or entries can be made on behalf of an entrant (where the nominator is different to the entrant).

Nominations close on 12 December 2018.

Hall of Fame Membership judging:

The British Travel Industry Hall of Fame was created in 1995, to “honour excellence and outstanding achievement in those who have played a significant part in creating and developing the travel, hospitality and tourism industry”. We are currently seeking nominations for new Members who meet the criteria detailed.

Young Manager & Young Entrepreneur judging:

The Young Manager & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards aged 35 years or younger. Nominees will be asked to submit a written entry outlining, briefly, and where appropriate, their responses to the Assessment Criteria for each category. This would not be expected to be longer than 500 words in total.

Business Achievement Award judging:

This award will be awarded to an individual or company deemed by the Hall of Fame judging committee to have made a significant and measurable business achievement within the past 12 months.